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On a cool breezy day on Saturday April 27, 2024, TCRC held its annual members only hunt.  As you will see as you browse the photos a great time was had by all.  The smiles on all of the faces was a clear giveaway to that fact.

We gathered at a Virginia Beach park on the oceanfront.  Before anyone showed up the field master marked the boundaries and seeded the field with the help of his crew.  Daniel reviewed the focus of the day and talked about the prizes, Bonney went over the food and dessert menu, Steve stated the hunt rules and Ina took raffle entries.  Once all of the formalities were done and all detectors were pointing at the sky Steve blew the whistle and we were off.  And as you will see the treasure was coming out of the ground.  Enjoy our picture presentation of that day's activity and come join the club so you don't miss any future hunts we have.

As a very special THANK YOU for jobs exceptionally well done, we want to recognize the crew who put the time and energy into this hunt to make it special for all.

Daniel P - the Hunt Master

Steve C - the Field Master

Bonney P -  the Food Coordinator

Ina F -  the Raffle and Prize Master

Every bit of yall's hard work is so appreciated and you deserve a huge round of applause.

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