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The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War - A comprehensive collection of Civil War era battlefields from Alabama to Wisconsin, with various illustrations of period uniforms, weaponry, and transportation.

 Authors: George B. Davis, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley     


The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War - A comprehensive collection of Civil War era battlefields from Alabama to Wisconsin, with various illustrations of period uniforms, weaponry, and transportation.

 Authors: Craig L. Symonds     


The Commanders of the Civil War - An account of the lives of the commissioned officers during America's war of secession.

 Book 1 of 3 by William C. Davis     


The Fighting Men of the Civil War - The experience of America's epic conflict through the lives of the men who fought it.

 Book 2 of 3 by William C. Davis     


The Battlefields of the Civil War - The bloody conflict of North against South told through the stories of its great battles.

 Book 3 of 3 by William C. Davis    


Field Artillery Projectiles of the American Civil War - An excellent collection of photographed or Xeroxed images of many different styles of projectiles used during the Civil War, with a description of markings and other information about the device.

 Authors: Thomas S. Dickey and Peter C. George     


Civil War Battle Atlas - A collection of information, sketches, and maps pertaining to several theaters of the Civil War.

 Authors: The Editors of Time-Life Books     


American Military Belt Plates - An expansive listing, with images, of the various belt plates in use from the Revolutionary War until the early Twentieth Century.

 Authors: Michael J. O'Donnell & J. Duncan Campbell     


Plates and Buckles of the American Military, 1795-1874 - Another listing of plates and buckles, to include a period rarity factor and remarks on the buckle or plate.

 Author: Sydney C. Kerksis     


The Illustrated History of American Civil War Relics - A pictorial representation of many artifacts recovered especially during CCC reclamation work on various battlegrounds.

 Authors: Stephen W. Sylvia and Michael J. O'Donnell     


Civil War Projectiles Vol. II Small Arms & Field Artillery - A collaboration of images and cross sectional diagrams of various small arms projectiles along with many smaller field artillery projectiles, very well drawn and very descriptive. Two of these books are available.

 Authors: W. Reid McKee & M.E. Mason, Jr.    


The Complete Guide to Barber Quarters - An informative guide to Barber quarters, with notes on scarcity, mint mark placement and differences, as well as grading.

 Author: David Lawrence     


The Complete Guide to Barber Halves - As above, an informative guide to Barber Halves, with notes on scarcity, mint mark placement and differences, as well as grading.

 Author: David Lawrence     


Treasure Map Atlas - A complete 50 state map guide to lost treasure in the U.S. Not all inclusive, but a very interesting read, as there are several treasure stories that I had not heard about my native area.

 Author: Thomas P. Terry     


Ghost Towns of the American West - Mainly a pictorial guide to many Western ghost towns, but also has a small narrative of each town as well.

 Author: Bill O'Neal    


Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons-Bicentennial Edition - A wonderful book full of information on buttons from the Revolution to the Bicentennial of our great country. References button orders, backing information, etc.

 Author: Alphaeus H. Albert    


A Catalog of Modern World Coins,1970 edition - Catalog of various world coins for the year 1970.

 Author: R.S. Yeoman    


A Guide Book of United States Coins, 1994 Edition - Catalog of U.S. Coins and associated pricing up to 1994, outdated.

 Author: R.S. Yeoman     


1996 Standard Catalog of World Coins - Complete listings by date and mint since 1801.

 Authors: Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler     


The Civil War Collector's Price Guide, 1995 Edition - An estimated price guide for Civil War era relics.



War on the Rapidan - A narrative of the Civil War along the Rapidan River, with various images of relics recovered along it.

 Author: John Mark Joseph     


Civil War Bottles - An excellent listing of bottles used during the Civil War, with information about each. Careful with this book, as the binding has all but gone.

 Authors: Ken Parks and Ken Pasvantis     


A Guide to Treasure in Arizona - Just that! A guide to various treasure stories and legends in Arizona, should you get tired of the treasure troves here in Virginia!

 Author: Thomas Penfield     


Civil War Collectors Guide to Albert's Button Book - A handbook of updates, corrections, & new discoveries.

 Author: Daniel J. Binder     


Official A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins - Methods and ways of determinations to grade a coin per American Numismatist Association standards.



Gold Panner's Manual - Methods in the recovery of gold by the use of a pan.

 Author: Garnet Basque     


Electronic Prospecting with the VLF/TR Metal/Mineral Detector - Recovery methods using VLF detectors, older book.

 Authors: Charles Garrett, Bob Grant, Roy Lagal     


The Extraction of Free Gold(Virgin Placer Gold) - Various methods of small gold recovery, sometimes dealing with the older amalgamation process (using mercury to recover fine gold).

 Author: Al McGowen    


The Mid-Atlantic Treasure Coast - Stories of coin beaches and treasure shipwrecks from Long Island to the Eastern Shore.

 Author: Stephen M. Voynick     


Gold Panning is Easy - The how and where of gold prospecting using the metal/mineral detector.

 Author: Roy Lagal    


The Shallow Water Treasure Hunting Manual - How to build equipment to search for and recover shallow water valuables.

 Author: Robert Granville     


Magazines     Books     Video Media     Adobe (.pdf) List of Library Items


National Geographic, February 1982 - Article: Treasure from the Ghost Galleon-Mel Fisher's discovery of the Santa Margarita     Request Magazine

Video Media     Books     Magazines     Adobe (.pdf) List of Library Items



WHRO Special - The Civil War in Hampton Roads - A documentary of the events surrounding the Hampton Roads area occurring during the Civil War.     


Treasure Finders Part 1 - A bit of everything.     


EMD 1 - Extreme Metal Detecting 1, Land Hunting.     


EMD 2 - Extreme Metal Detecting 2, Water and Land.    


A Video Guide to Land, Beach, and Water Hunting - Just that!     


White's Metal Detector - A guide to using White's Metal Detectors.     


Exploring Histories Treasures-Ghost Towns of the East Series A guide to several Eastern ghost towns. 



Garrett Metal Detectors Grand Master Hunter CXIII.     


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