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2023 TCRC Club Hunt and Cookout

The 2023 fall hunt and cookout were held on October 7,2023.  The turnout was fantastic, and the food was even better.  Our host, a local farm owner, provided us with a wonderful area to hunt that included beautiful background forest all around.  First was a warmup session that had us walking the adjacent field looking for relics and coins.  Not many finds of note during this time.  We then took a break and Daniel went over the rules for the seeded hunt.  Everyone participated in the seeded token hunt, and it is believed that everyone came away with winning tokens.  The club chefs cooked up the best burgers and served them with all the fixings and homemade cookies.  After lunch we headed out to the fields where we were able to get in a couple of hours of dig time before mother nature took over and provided some needed rain.  Judging by the conversation and laughter a good time was had by all and a good bit of comradery and friendship shared all around.  Great job to the organizers and cooks.

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