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Why Join A Metal Detecting Club

1) Meet Other Local Metal Detectorist.
Joining a club provides the perfect way to meet others in the hobby. A club is a place where you can meet new people with a common interst in the hobby.

2) Learn New or Sharpen Your Skills.

If you are new to the hobby, a club can provide many opportunities to develop your metal detecting skills.  By meeting the members you open the door to a wealth of knowledge.  Most members will share advice and insights with other members.  Tapping into this knowledge bank will take you to the next level.  You can also learn the skills needed to detect different types of targets such as: relics, gold, coins, jewelry, as well as terrains such as beaches, fields, farmland and forests.

You also have the opportunity to give back and share your own knowledge with the club members.  But sharing your knowledge you get a personal satisfaction of helping others.

3) Learn the Rules, Regulations and Ethics. Clubs have an excellent knowledge of local state and national rules and regulations governing metal detecting. This knowledge can be very helpful to a detectorist at any skill level.

4) Being an Advocate.

Clubs are a key component of the metal detecting community.  Members regularly contact law makers and officials to help ensure the hobby is not made illegal in your community.  By having a large club membership roster, it adds strength to the voice of that club.  

5) Participate in Club Meeting.

Club meetings give you the opportunity to get together with fellow detectorist to review finds, visit with friends and win prizes from the club raffle and/or competitions.

6) Participate in Club Activities.

Most clubs have bi-laws dictating that the club hold annual hunts. These hunts are a great way to gather with friends and participate in a little friendly competition with food and prizes.  Clubs also have smaller groups that hunt together.  Getting invited to go along with one of these groups gets you on permissions and sites that hold relics or treasures.  Further the club could host guest speakers or hobby centric presenters to further your knowledge of the hobby.

7) Community Stewardship.

Clubs are regularly contacted by archeologists to help at dig sites which help to document and record history.  A club is also the first contact when a person is trying to locate a lost item or value.  And although rare, help law enforcement at a crime scene search.

8) Become a Volunteer.

Clubs can provide a way to volunteer your skills.   You may want to run for club office and showcase your leadership skills.  You may have technical skills that can be used to repair equipment or provide webmaster for the clubs website.  Maybe you can put together the newsletter or bring in speakers.


9) Stay In The Know

Clubs are a great way to stay up to date with changes in the hobby, changes in local or state laws or learn about the latest detecting gadget.  Most likely someone will know about something that can affect your hobby.

10) Have Fun.

When you join a club it opens a whole world of fun and enjoyment.  You will be greeted by friendly people with common interest, get to participate in club events, develop new relationships, become an active member in a group and learn new and exciting ways to further your skills and hunting horizons.

So joining a club is more that attending a monthly meeting.  It is a chance to change your life.

We welcome ALL persons wanting to become members of TC-RC with open arms.  Come to our meeting and join our club today.

Annual Membership fee is $20 for individual and $25 for family of 2.


Please fill in the Contact box below to reach us for membership inquires. Typically, you will receive an email reply with in 24 - 48 hours. 

You may also attend a TC-RC Club meeting and complete the membership form and pay the yearly dues at that time if it is more convenient.

Success! Message received.

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