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Welcome to Tidewater Coin and Relic Club

I'm going to try my luck as a novice webmaster and post!! Here goes....

My initial detecting days were with a $149.99 Radio Shack detector around 2003 or 2004. I saw a post in the VA Pilot for a lost ring and decided to head to the oceanfront to search for it. To my surprise, I found it and contacted the couple who lived in Richmond and they traveled to my house to claim her ring! I was given a generous reward that prompted me to upgrade to a different machine. One with more bells and whistles! Since then I have returned many rings and met so many great people.

Then I discovered the club which has become so important to me! At first, I didn't know what to expect so I asked my husband, Pat, to go with me. I walked into a room full of middle aged men who mostly liked to relic hunt. At that time we were meeting at the Central Library in VA Beach. There were piles of coins, rings, buttons, relics and items on display and voting, refreshments, stories and guest speakers!!

Soon I discovered competition hunts! My first hunt was the FMDAC hunt held at the Cavalier in 2004. I have traveled to hunts in Daytona (the Shootout), FMDAC hunts in Myrtle Beach and Gettysburg; Ocean City, NJ; Annapolis, MD; Philadelphia, PA and Yorktown, VA. I've collected prizes, detectors, won raffles and met other enthusiastic people who love this hobby.

My detector has traveled to Hawaii, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Cozumel, Puerto Rico, Costa Maya, and all around the Tidewater area. I use a Garrett AT Pro for land and a Minelab Excal II for the water.

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